2017 has been a stellar year.  In all honesty I think it’s been our best yet.  Our growth as a gym has been on a steady upward curve.  Our membership is at an all time high,  and our classes are busier then ever – even in the freezing cold winter months.  Events like the Amazing Alice row and the Friday Night Lights have really shown our strong community at its very best.

So 2018 has a lot to live upto and I think it will and then some.  Our bread and butter is the program.  If you guys and gals didn’t  enjoy the workouts and weren’t seeing results we would be dead in the water.  Dave as always will keep that at the very pinnacle of performance, where it needs to be and the coaches will obviously be striving to keep the classes as engaging and at the appropriate level for all.  Over the past 12 months we have added Kat to our coaching staff enabling us to start a morning beginners class.  Her quirky coaching has brought an element of fun into the classes which has been a breath of fresh air I’m sure you will agree.  2018 sees the addition of Sam Young to our coaching staff.  She has been a member for a few years now and has made the career jump to the fitness industry in 2017 and shown a desire and enthusiasm to gain experience in coaching.  I’m always keen to give people a chance who are driven and eager to learn but they must also have character and Sam has it in bucketloads.  Many of you know her and some have been part of the last 3 months of mentoring she has had coaching the beginners classes. She will be coaching the 5am class (thank god) starting on the 8th Jan.  In the new year we will continue to acquire new skills.  Kathryn will be heading onto a CrossFit kids class,  Brad will be signing upto the British Weightlifting course and I will be looking at the CrossFit Level 2.  

The workshops in 2017 have been a real revelation.  I was amazed at the turn out all year and I’m sure everyone enjoyed them.  I particularly enjoyed coaching them.  Along with the beginners classes these were my favourite sessions.  In 2018 we will be changing the format slightly.  Instead of single sessions we will be choosing a topic for the Month and working on that skill and the progressions plus any accessory work.  They will be accompanied by a program to follow during the week with Videos of what to do being posted throughout the Month.  Some might be asking where do we fit this in but there are some changes a foot to help. 

The classes as I’ve said have been extremely busy.  That is except for the 6pm strength track.  I think we marketed the class either poorly or inaccurately and we have not seen the numbers we hoped.  The purpose of this class was to provide a program that worked the Olympic Lifts.  That had structured strength training geared towards building the core Lifts, the Squat, deadlift and shoulder press and allowed us to work on our gymnastic foundations in the same way all finishing with a workout.  CrossFit is built on variation.  The unknown and the unknowable, routine is the enemy and all that.  The truth is, however that to gain competency in any skill requires hard work.  But how do you do this when the program is always changing?  As I mentioned the workshops will have a 3 day per week program to follow.  To that end we are going to continue to run the 6pm class but alongside it we will be adding the workshop program to be followed by any beginners/intermediate members with dedicated coaching on hand to get you to your GOALS! 

I’m always banging on about making goals.  For me I’m ambitious and after 7 and a half tough years we are really starting to hit some of my goals for the gym.  The major goal was to hit 120 members.  This was reached in December which was a really proud moment.  My goals for 2018 are simple.  I want to reach 160 members and I want to expand our equipment range which will start with the addition of two Skiergs in January.  If you have anything you want to see in the gym then comment below and we will start putting a wish list together.  

We will be pushing much of the workshop programming towards achieving the Level 1 board upstairs.  For those of you a little more advanced the level 2 board will be added in early January.  This will culminate in our Friday Night Lights at the end of each month focusing on ticking of these achievements.  We will also have a new chalk wall painted upstairs for you to add any short/medium/long term goals on.  I’ve already pencilled in a 25min 5km by August and my long term goal is a Muscle Up by Christmas.  With our first months Workshops covering the Pull Up and Muscle Up that might happen a little earlier.  I have someone helping me install a Bar Muscle Up station in January so I have no excuses right.

Lastly the #Community.  We have grown significantly this year and that’s all down to you.  You have worked extremely hard and each and every one of you has added your own flavour to our mix.  It’s  always easier to coach people who want to learn, who want to improve and more importantly want to be a part of TeamAFS.  The Friday Night Lights (FNL) kicked off our events.  The Row for Alice event surprised me enormously.  I was so impressed with the support you all gave and the money you raised was fantastic. Then to finish the year the Christmas Party was off the chain.  I had a cracking night and it has to be said it had the best turn out to date.  I’m already looking forward to next years events.  The CrossFit Open, the FNL, our 8th Birthday, the summer BBQs,  next years Charity event, and I’m already working on a theme for the Christmas party.  All these events wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you all pulling together and being a part of our gym.  So keep spreading the word.  Keep shouting from the rooftops all the PBs you achieve.  Tag us #team_afs on instagram,  AFSCrossFit on Facebook so we can all see your achievements.  So long as you keep coming back we will keep doing our best to turn you into the best you you can be!