The Open is GREAT! This time of year brings out all kinds of emotion. Some are keen as mustard. Some are scared to death. Some step up to the challenge and others run and hide. All of which are understandable.

So why is the Open such a big deal? It’s 5 workouts over 5 weeks. It’s made up of exercises that we’ve done a thousand times always set up (at least the last few years) in a way to get even the newest Crossfitter in the game and giving it a go.

The workouts if I recall correctly have never gone beyond 18 minutes and are usually geared towards allowing the fittest on earth to prove why they are at the top doing the same things as us mere mortals.

For me it’s a chance to smash Sutty (injuries withstanding ;)) and maybe even beat my bro on a WOD which was a lot of fun last year. For coach Kat she had worked extremely hard in the pursuit of reaching regionals which would be amazing. But what about you, why should you do it?

I view it as our yearly fitness test. It’s our chance to see if all the work we have put in has made a difference. It’s the time of year where we can say this is where I am. These are the skills I have and now it’s time to throwdown and go balls to the wall. Put it all on the table and push. Push through the pain. Push through the tiredness. Push through your limits and stand there at the end PROUD! Proud of your effort. Proud of your determination. Proud of YOUSELF because you just killed it. You just showed your workout partners, your gym buddies the world and more importantly yourself that you are a BADASS!