So it’s all over.  5 weeks, 5 workouts, a record 63 people taking part, 3 teams, and 1 winner TEAM BOOM!

We’ve seen Pull Ups, Thrusters, Toes2bar, Chest2bar, Cleans,  Burpees, Handstand Press Ups and many more.  The workouts as always were pretty horrid.  I also think they were pretty well put together.  The good old couplet and triplet providing a lot of entertainment watching people suffer 😉

This year we put together an in-house competition and the format must have worked, as a whopping 63 of you joined in.  Admittedly we maybe cajoled, some would say bullied, you into it but now it’s over I’m fairly certain all of you are happy to have taken part.  Those who didn’t there is always next year.

The Open always brings up some psychological battles (#internationalbradbreakdownday).  May that be working out a strategy for the workout or trying to get a new skill to be able to RX the workout.  The biggest test however is the realisation that this next 5/7/15 mins is going to hurt.  I’m going to go somewhere dark that I know I’m not going to enjoy.  And that battle is the one that scares people but when the workout is done and that test has been passed, it’s then that you feel the most proud of yourself.  

We have witnessed some fantastic performances.  Kat and Alex getting very close to the top 50 in Europe at the top end shows that hard work and dedication pays off.  But the Open for me isn’t about the top guys and girls.  It’s about our average joe performing above and beyond their own expectations.  Pushing themselves to achieve a first Pull Up, a first Handstand Push Up and maybe even a first Muscle Up.  

Charlotte, Lucy, Vikki and Nicola all went from no Pull Ups at the turn of the year too one or more chest to bar Pull Ups in 18.5.  Kat, Charlotte and Tom all hit PB’s on the Clean for 18.2a after those horrific Burpees and front squats in 18.2 which just goes to show the difference competing makes.  18.3 saw a number of people get their first double unders and then some Sam, Helen, Fiona, and Martin to name but a few.  Toes2Bar are nails but we had some determined bloody minded individuals get these for the first time such a Becky and Nicola.  Leave a comment below with any firsts you achieved this Open.

I would like to thank you all for bringing bags of energy and positive mental attitude to each workout.  For judging each other fairly and supporting each other through every horrific minute. YOU are what makes AFS tick and I couldn’t ask for a better community. Hopefully you have taken away some positives,  I personally am proud of every one of your efforts.  Hopefully you have identified some weaknesses and will use these next 12 months to improve them.  

And finally thank you for supporting the gym.  Your contributions helped raise over £500 and has gone towards purchasing two new assault bikes. I’m sure you will get hours of pleasure/pain from them over the coming weeks, months and maybe even years.  

Remember to train hard, train smart, keep focused and above all keep perspective.  Some goals will be quick, some may take some time but come next February we will test them all again and see how far we have come together.