Why Compete?

So far this year we have had Mike and Sarah take part in the Superhuman games, In January Coach KitKat and Alex competed in the New European Champs.  In March Sammy, Annabelle and Natalie took part in the 3 of a kind in Cheltenham and Charlotte and Sarah are heading up north for the Castle Games.  Previously as a gym we have entered The Primal Games, Divide We Fall, Box Rox, The Rainhill trials, Strongbox and The Opens.  These have been great comps,  with many great memories some shocking timekeeping and some suspect judging on a few occasions (which was dealt with by dropping the C-bomb a few times) but on the whole great experiences.

Whenever the topic of competition comes up I’m met with a range of emotions as to how people feel about entering.  Some feel they are not good enough.  They think they would let the team down, which both come down to an overwhelming feeling of FEAR.  These are all ok.  It is always scary to test yourself.  For many it’s the fear of what others will think which I always interpret as a fear of a perception of looking bad.  I believe that to a degree people are sometimes fearful of success.    What happens if we actually succeed?  Well the truth is that we already work hard and when we reach our target we need to reset it.  Then we need to work even harder. Radical I know.  Comment below with your first comp feelings.  As an aside in my experience people don’t tend to take to much interest in what others are doing during a workout and other then the dickhead keyboard warriors most people don’t have the balls to say negative to things to your face.  So don’t let that be an obstacle to you taking part and succeeding.

The idea of competing in a CrossFit competition should be treated in the same way you approach your first half marathon, or a Sunday morning kick about or a Tough Mudder race.  Your probably not going to win the london Marathon out of the hundreds of thousands taking part.  There is going to be some great players,  Gazza or Ronaldo or Messi are not going to turn out for the The Southampton Arms yet that doesn’t stop you taking part!  But that doesnt stop you going out there and doing your best.  The bottom line is that when you have finished the race and achieved the time you aimed for or played well and won/lost you walk away with a sense of pride.  You analyse your performance.  You then start the planning, and the training for the next time.  

CrossFit comps are no different.  I would encourage even my newest member to go to a competition.  The reason for this being self belief.  I have always been a hard trainer but never give 100%.  I saved that for game day.  I remember my first training session in Germany.  I was 15 and loved a tackle. If I had even a 10% chance of winning the ball I was all in and I did this within 2 minutes of my first 5 a-side match.  This little fucker Kai (I never liked him) had this first touch of a donkey and I saw my chance.  I slid in full bore and smashed the ball, his legs and launched him off the park.  Herman my manager came screaming across the pitch shouting in a German/english accent “what ze fuck are you doing.  Zis is training”.  From then on I realised training is training but game day is when you add that extra 10-20%.

The adrenaline of a competition pushes everyone to give that little bit extra.  Working in a team encourages you to give that bit extra to help your teammates.  Then when the dust settles. After 3 or 4 hard workouts the satisfaction kicks in that you have performed to the best of your ability.  Maybe you hit a PB which is always nice but more importantly you know exactly where your fitness levels are.  You know your strengths and your weaknesses and you know what to do to improve for next time.  This gives you the direction and the belief to keep working hard in the gym.  But more importantly you will have made some great memories with your teammates, your supporters and  your friends.  Which is what it’s all about 🙂