As I sit here flicking through my Facebook I see all sorts of Fitness posts.  From the new member experiencing the CrossFit Kool-Aid for the first time; to the more experienced member showcasing their progress on t’interweb for all to see how hard they have worked.  And finally to the fitness professional preaching their fitness gospel (usually at the expense of another fitness genre).

It’s testament to what we have achieved here at AFSCrossFit to have seen some go through all 3 phases.  My best friend James at Sarum CrossFit, Jamie and Hayley at CrossFit Romsey,  the guys at Blockhouse all started CrossFitting under our coaching,  and I helped theguys at CrossFit Hungerford start their journey too.  Not to mention we have had many of the instructors and PT’s around Andover come to us to train.

Now, our program has always been of the highest standard.  We get people FIT!  Some of you are probably wondering how?  What is this CrossFit racket all about?  Well here goes.

CrossFit is based on hitting the 10 key principles of Fitness in any number of combinations as often as possible.  In any one workout we aim to hit 6 or more of these.  Any good coach/ program should be delivering a product that can boast that.  Here is a break down of those principles:

Strength:  I believe strength training is the bedrock of fitness.  If you can Lift it, Pull It, or Push It then your done.  The core lifts like the Squat, the Deadlift, and the Overhead Press should be mastered and worked on every week, multiple times.

Power:  Being able to move heavy shit fast is fun.  Heavy Cleans and Snatches are empowering.  Box Jumps and Muscle Ups show a mastery of skill and spacial awareness.

Speed:  Train Slow Be Slow!!  And who wants to be Slow?

Endurance: Many mistake this for just running 5kms or cycling the Tour de France, however this is only part of it.  Being able to do high rep work is also cardio.  Next time try 3 Deadlifts @ 2 x bodyweight and run 400m for for as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) IN 20mins and I guarantee your heart rate skyrockets.

Accuracy:  The repetition of skills to enable mastery of a movement requires accuracy.  A little to far forward or back in a Snatch means a missed lift.  A shift of weight a little to early in a Press means a missed lift.  Timing Is Everything!

Agility: with all the Barbell work and gymnastics movements that our program incorporates we need to be able to move efficiently and effectively throughout these movements to be successful.  The more agile we can move the better CrossFitter we can become.

Balance:  knowing your position in space,  having the ability to maintain your balance while lifting, running, jumping and all the other skills is crucial.  Without balance we can’t transfer force effectively.

Flexibility: Having full range of motion in all joints is flexibility.  We also need to have complete range in movements like the squat.  Practicing these movements to achieve the optimum depth should be a daily objective!

Stamina: The ability to dig deep and keep moving.

Coordination: Snatches, Cleans, Double Unders are all complex movements.  When coached properly and scaled appropriately we can develop the coordination to master these skills.  

I have one objective when it comes to coaching.  That objective is to Educate.  We coach best practice.  We want to give our members all the tools to be in control of their fitness.  

Our program tries to hit as many of these key skills as possible in every workout.  Can your program boast the same? How many boxes does it tick? 

Anyone can write a program.  The two most important elements within a successful fitness routine is having goals and working bloody hard!  Getting fit is tough,  there will be ups and downs but with the right support and the right mental approach there is no goal that can not be achieved.

We would love to hear what your training involves and what your goals are in the comments below.  If you would like any help writing a program or would like a program tailored to your goals then I would be happy to help. If you have any other questions fire away.