This past weekend has seen our very own Keto_Karl compete for the first time.  Having joined almost a year ago to the day he has been one of our most consistent members.  Training 5 days a week and twice most of those days.

He qualified in 24th and had the realistic goal of beating that position in the competition.  Not only did he beat it, he crushed it with a 2nd place and at one point after some confusion we thought he had won it.   A first place finish in the final workout of 21-15-9 Deadlifts & Handstand Push Ups was the highlight of the day for me.

Not only has Karl trained extremely hard but he has also been the first member to take up our Platinum Membership.  A package that not only offers unlimited classes but also 2 x 45min personal training sessions a month.

Looking around the competition floor the standard was good.  Most of the competitors had all the skills and were pretty fit.  The difference was quality, and not the quantity.  I’m a big believer in moving efficiently and making all your efforts count.  And this brings me nicely onto the title.

In my years coaching we’ve had many members.  Some have stuck to our program and some have gone off chasing the golden program to bring the fitness goals to fruition.  The grass however is not always greener.  Time after time I watched as these people spent hundreds of pounds on online programming.  Then spent hours in the gym slogging away at programs like the Smolov Squat program, or the JST Program or whatever was fashionable at the time.

Fundamentally what I witnessed was people using 100% effort for 10% improvement and that is being extremely generous.  These online programs are a false economy.  Many didn’t receive any feedback on their performance and so relied on the VOLUME to make them better.  This is WRONG!

Working with Karl these past couple of months has proved my theory.  Following our program will give you all the volume you need.  Train 3 or more times a week and you will get fitter.  We try very hard to coach everyone in every class but sometimes the devil is in the detail.

We have worked through olympic lifting, the gymnastics basics such as Pull Ups and Handstands.  The muscle up and even rowing technique.  Many of these things are taken for granted once achieved.  The problem was and is with most people once the skill has been achieved it is not then a priority to master it and Perfect it.

In only a year Karl has ticked off most of the skills needed to compete.  I won’t go into too much detail as to what we did other then to say even with a 6 pack the envy of most his core throughout was not active.  The ability to maintain and regain efficient form was also a point we needed to work on.

An example of this was his Back Squat.  With a narrow stance Karl was able to work upto a 1RM of 120kg which is pretty good at 75kg bodyweight.  For 1 of our sessions we used the box Squat to explore different feet positions.  Looking at what was going on with an empty bar and worked up in weight.  We only managed to get to 40kg but we highlighted 3 or 4 weaknesses in his original Squat and then implemented a program of change to improve it.  Within a month he was already achieving his old PB and now 6 weeks later is hitting new PB’s.

Obviously I have a vested interest in promoting the services we provide.  The major difference is that we go above and beyond just the personal session.  any work done in a 1-2-1 session is then doubled and reinforced when coaching in the classes.  Anything I see in the classes we can then work on in the 1-2-1 sessions.  Also in Karl’s case if competition is involved we can assess performance on the day.  See where our strengths and weaknesses were and then make a plan to improve upon them.  Having someone on hand to guide and give feedback is the major selling point of CrossFit and it’s something we do extremely well.

I’m offering 5 people the chance to upgrade to our platinum membership for no extra cost for 1 month.  If you have been thinking about PErsonal Training this would be a good place to start.  If you would like to be considered Message me with your wish list 😀