In 2019 we are going to be taking our Bootcamp Experience to the next level. With 4 classes per week available we are going to deliver a program of exercise and nutrition second to none.

On the exercise front we are going to introduce you to CrossFit. We will coach you through the fundamentals that make CrossFit so effective and week on week we will up the technique, skill and intensity of every session. The goal of the 8 weeks is to complete our Level 1 Benchmark board. This is our holy grail when it comes to gauging progress and improvement. We have a range of goals on here from achieving 3 Pull Ups to deadlifting your body weight to rower 2km in under 10minutes and a lot more.

On the Nutrition front we are teaming up with Karl Bartlett. The founder of Keto-Karlos and a chef of over 15 years with multiple awards won for his culinary skills. Karl will be working with us to provide each of you a meal plan dialled in to your needs, provide meal options and advice for the whole 8 weeks. If you want to try the ketogenic diet he will be pleased however this diet package is specific to you and tailored to your taste.

This is by far the most comprehensive package available and at the end of the 8 weeks there will be no excuses just results!!

Places are limited and strictly first come, first serve.


“As a true believer in the science of nutrition, I place the utmost importance on personal health and wellbeing and within the wider Keto_Karlos Community. Precise nutrition, physical activity and sleep are essential for the achievement and maintenance of high levels of mental and physical performance, as well as enabling the body to repair itself and maintain a healthy weight.

As an international award-winning chef with 16 years of experience tailoring meals for the UK Armed Forces, I have created a simple calorie controlled nutrition plan. By following the nutrition plan, you should feel healthier; and if followed closely you should shed some of that unwanted body fat. The meals and snacks in the program feature whole foods, like fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and fats like olive oil and avocado. Added sugars, sodium and refined carbohydrates are kept to a minimum, enabling dishes to be precisely calculated to make each day balanced in macronutrients. “

Karl – www.ketokarlos.com


Starting something new can be daunting, sometimes the fear of something new stops people from trying new things. Feeling this way is normal. What’s important is that you try, and that’s why we have the FREE trial. Test yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone and book your trial. Whether you decide to stick with CrossFit is 100% your choice, but at least you tried.

We look forward to meeting you!