Programming or Coaching?

This past weekend has seen our very own Keto_Karl compete for the first time.  Having joined almost a year ago to the day he has been one of our most consistent members.  Training 5 days a week and twice most of those days.

He qualified in 24th and had the realistic goal of beating that position […]

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What Does Getting Fit Really Mean?

As I sit here flicking through my Facebook I see all sorts of Fitness posts.  From the new member experiencing the CrossFit Kool-Aid for the first time; to the more experienced member showcasing their progress on t’interweb for all to see how hard they have worked.  And finally to the fitness professional preaching their fitness […]

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Why Compete?

Why Compete?

So far this year we have had Mike and Sarah take part in the Superhuman games, In January Coach KitKat and Alex competed in the New European Champs.  In March Sammy, Annabelle and Natalie took part in the 3 of a kind in Cheltenham and Charlotte and Sarah are heading up north for the […]

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